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Precise Positioning

The AES Garnet™ Smart Belt operates in open-loop configuration based on position and velocity commands using a standard variable frequency drive (VFD) equipped with a permanent magnet function such as the Allen Bradley 525 VFD.

Due to the synchronous characteristics of One Motion™ Mag-Drives, such position and velocity commands can guarantee precise movement and position within a margin of error under 1.5 mm. Once a product is detected entering the system, its current phase and position is compared to the phase position and timing required by a virtual axis in the PLC, determining the degree of correction needed.

AES Garnet  Smart Infeed

Hygienic, wash-down design and high performance at an affordable price.

  • Automatic Reposition of Product into Single File

  • 94% System Efficiency per Smart Belt

  • Hygienic design, Easy Clean-up

  • Direct magnetic drives - No gearboxes 

  • Easy Belt Swap

  • IP69k Washdown Safe

  • Standard 3-year warranty

Offering a robust, stainless steel construction ideal for food processing and packaging applications

Garnet Smart Infeed

High Performing, Advanced Manufacturing Technology

An innovative solution to hygienic automation.

The AES Garnet™ Smart Belt is designed to automatically reposition randomly arriving products into a single file line of products, equally spaced and phased to the infeed section of a flow wrapper, end load cartoner, or any other secondary packaging machine.

Smart Conveyors

The AES Garnet™ Smart Belt is not only reliable but also easy to clean, maintain, and repair. Our conveyors have a special cantilever design ideal for quick belt changes and are equipped with an automatic belt tracking device.

Each conveyor is independently driven by One Motion™ Mag-Drives integrated into the driving pulley, resulting in a superior hygienic design without the cavities, nooks, and crannies created by a conventional servo motor-driven system.

Applications for Use

The AES Garnet™ Smart Belt is the ideal solution for wrapper infeeds, cartoner or case packer infeeds, and other secondary packaging applications.

AES Garnet Smart Infeed

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