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Sapphire Horizontal Flow Wrapper

High Performing, Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Food Safe, Efficient & Reliable

The AES Sapphire™  is an advanced manufacturing machine that provides a unique advantage to horizontal flow wrapping. Designed with sanitation and ease of cleaning in mind and powered by the cutting edge technology of One Motion™ Mag-Drives. 

Energy Efficient

AES Sapphire™ Horizontal Flow Wrappers are designed with low energy consumption as a key requirement and are a remarkable solution to lowering GHG emissions, helping manufacturers meet their energy reduction goals.


Our flow wrappers are 50% more energy efficient than traditional motor/gearbox-powered wrappers through the use of One Motion Mag-Drives, which are capable of delivering servo-like performance using standard variable frequency drives (VFD) while requiring less energy than conventional flow wrappers of equal performance. 

Applications for Use

Using no lubricants above the food line, the Sapphire™ is the ideal solution for packaging bakery and ready-to-eat products.

AES Sapphire Horizontal Flow Wrapper

High Reliability 

Our One Motion™ Mag-Drives work at much lower internal temperatures and lower internal rotating speeds than conventional servo motors, which results in a longer operation life that's free of service and costly repairs.

Whether the  device is rotating at 10 rpm or 500 rpm, all components inside the mag-drive rotate at the same speed as the speed outside, resulting in prolonged life for internal bearings and seals.

AES Sapphire Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Easy to Operate with High Performance

  • Fin Seal

  • Easy Clean-Up

  • No Product, No Package

  • Cantilevered Design

  • IP69k Washdown Safe

Offering a robust, stainless steel construction ideal for food processing and packaging applications.

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