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Your Partners in Packaging 

High Performing, Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Food Safe, Efficient & Reliable

Empowering the Food Manufacturing and Packaging World with an Energy-Efficient Solution to Clean Manufacturing.

The most sophisticated machines you can ever imagine which match your budget, production rate and floor plan.

Innovation in Flexible Packaging

Redefining the Next Generation of Horizontal Flow Wrappers


Powered by One Motion™ Mag-Drives gearless, magnetic direct-drives, the Sapphire™ is capable of high mechanical power with low electrical consumption.


An overarching goal of providing solutions focused on minimal energy waste, high efficiency, and low carbon footprint.


Through the extensive application of embedded design, the Sapphire™ is the simplest, most sanitary, easy-to-clean flow wrapper in the market.



No time wasted to spool up a gearbox, no backlashing, acceleration that exceeds traditional motor/gearbox solutions along with faster, more precise positioning.

Food Safety

The gearless, oil-free design provides a food-safe environment, making Sapphire the perfect choice for wrapping food product.


Using 90% fewer rotating components than traditional setups, One Motion™ ensures the reliability of the Sapphire over long-term use.

Energy Efficient

By using magnetic power for direct mechanical rotation, no energy is wasted passing through gears.

Powered by One Motion™ Technology

One Motion products act as a magnetic engine, powering our Garnet™ and Sapphire™ systems with minimum use of gearboxes or belt and chain power transmissions. This innovative technology uses powerful magnetic arrays to create rotation directly inside of the pulleys.

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