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Infeed System

Consistent package feeding


The Garnet

The Garnet automatically feeds packaged products to end-load cartoners for primary and secondary packaging. Its smart conveyor system ensures reliable, synchronized movement, streamlining cartoning processes with ease and precision. Capable of handling multiple products simultaneously,

Cutting-edge smart belt system

Innovative Solution

Effortlessly organizes randomly arriving products into a perfectly spaced single file line, seamlessly integrating with various primary and secondary packaging systems.

Reliable Packaging

The Garnet Advantage

Increases uptime, maximizes productivity

Precise Positioning

Automatic repositioning of product into a single file

Cost Effective

Reduced manual labor, increases output, improves overall efficiency

Hygienic Design

IP69K washdown safe design

Flexible Adaptability

Suitable for wide range of product sizes, shapes, and packing requirements

Powered by One Motion™ Technology

One Motion products act as a magnetic engine, powering our Garnet™ and Sapphire™ systems with minimum use of gearboxes or belt and chain power transmissions. This innovative technology uses powerful magnetic arrays to create rotation directly inside of the pulleys.

The Garnet can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Product Specifications

The presented specifications are subject to change without notice, and it is not feasible for the min. and max. dimensions to coexist.

Product Length

250 mm (10")

Product Width

304.8mm (12")




150-175 PPM

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