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Conveying Systems by AES  

Innovative Solutions for Streamlined Distribution  

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Streamlined Distribution 

At AES, we understand that the heart of efficient manufacturing and packaging lies in robust and reliable product distribution systems. Our tailored distribution solutions are engineered to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring that every product moves seamlessly from production to packaging, and beyond.  

Infeed Systems 

The AES Garnet™ Smart Belt infeed system is designed to automatically reposition randomly arriving products into a single file line of products, equally spaced and phased to the infeed section of a flow wrapper, end load cartoner, or any other secondary packaging machine. 


  • Powered Hubs controlled by photo-eyes for accurate product positioning. 

  • Multiple belts to sense product position and control advancement. 

  • Velocity adjustment based on product position to serve as an accumulation and timing mechanism. 

  • Vacuum-free, IP69k washdown safe, and easy-to-clean design. 


  • Ensures evenly spaced and phased product delivery into packaging machines. 

  • Offers precise speed and velocity control, enhancing operational efficiency. 

  • Reduces the need for manual adjustments and maintenance. 

  • Promotes a cleaner, safer working environment due to its washdown-safe capabilities. 

Chicane/Compact Singulation 

The Chicane system is engineered to meet the highest standards of performance and hygiene without the use of lubricants above the food line. 


  • Precision belt speed control comparable to servo systems. 

  • Gearless design minimizing failure points and maintenance requirements. 

  • Compact footprint allowing for efficient use of space. 

  • No lubricants required, eliminating the risk of oil leaks. 

  • Easy to operate with no special electronics required. 


  • Improves system reliability and reduces maintenance downtime. 

  • Achieves product singulation in a significantly smaller area, enhancing production line efficiency. 

  • Energy-efficient operation reduces operational costs. 

  • Simplifies cleaning processes and ensures compliance with hygiene standards. 

Customized to Your Specifications: 

  • Tailored Design: Each system is designed to fit your specific requirements, whether you're handling delicate bakery items, confectioneries, or any other product needing precise distribution.  

  • Integration Capability: Our systems seamlessly integrate with your existing production lines, enhancing efficiency without the need for extensive overhauls.  

Why Choose AES for Your Distribution Needs?  

Merge/Diverting Systems 

Merge/Diverting Systems are engineered for optimal performance in multi-lane singulation or single-lane aggregation. Incorporating the innovative One Motion mag-drive technology, these systems deliver high-speed merging capabilities without the complexities of servo motors. 


  • High-speed merging up to 300 PPM with mag-drive technology. 

  • Gearbox-free design with minimal moving parts for reliability and energy efficiency. 

  • Compact design offering a small footprint and IP69K washdown safety. 

  • Operable using all Allen Bradley controls for ease of integration. 


  • Significant energy savings with a total system power of 500 watts compared to traditional systems. 

  • Enhances production line flexibility with its small footprint and easy integration. 

  • Reduces maintenance and operational costs with its simplified design and minimal moving parts. 

  • Provides a safer and cleaner working environment, meeting high washdown standards. 

Advanced Technology for Optimized Performance:  

  • Efficient Throughput: Speed up your production line while maintaining the integrity of your products.  

  • Reliability and Durability: Built to withstand the demands of continuous operation, our distribution systems promise longevity and consistent performance.  

Your Partner in Packaging  

At AES, we don’t just provide machines; we deliver comprehensive solutions that enhance your entire production line. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to understand your needs and challenges, offering support from initial concept to final implementation and beyond. 

Let’s Elevate Your Production Together

Ready to transform your product distribution process? Contact us today to learn more about how our bespoke distribution systems can take your production efficiency to the next level.

Designed for Food Safety:

  • Easy to Clean: Our equipment is intentionally designed to be easy to clean. We eliminate many of the harborage points where food debris likes to hide.  

  • Oil-Free Design: By standardizing on One Motion mag-drives, there are no gears that require oil. No oil, no chance of an oil leak!  

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