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Horizontal Packaging System

Perfect for handling grouped products and streamlining processes

Image by Monique Carrati

Sapphire Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The Sapphire Horizontal Flow Wrapper is engineered for advanced manufacturing, prioritizing sanitation, and simplified cleaning procedures. 

The system is powered by One Motion mag-drives

Increasing Production

This cutting-edge technology enables higher production efficiency, lesser downtime, and quick changeovers in a cost-effective manner. With the option to choose between manual or automated loading to fit customer’s needs.


The Sapphire Advantage

No product no packaging, to save energy and material waste

Precise Positioning

High dynamic response for quick position corrections

Hygienic Focus

Powered by One Motion mag-drives, IP69K washdown safe, cantilevered and low profile tree design, lubricant-free

Easy to Operate

No servo-motors, controlled by Allen-Bradley 525 standardized drives

Less Downtime

Automatic film tracking and slicing, easy belt removal

The Sapphire can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Product Specifications

The presented specifications are subject to change without notice, and it is not feasible for the min. and max. dimensions to coexist.

Product Length

25mm (1") to 565mm (22.2")

Product Width

12mm (.5") to 250mm (9.8")

Product Height

6mm (.23") to 100mm (4.3")

Reel Diameter

Max. 400mm (15.7")

Reel Weight

Max. 70 kg.

Film Width

Max. 700mm

Max 1-up Capacity

Up to 150 packages/min

Max 2-up Capacity

Up to 450 packages/min.

Max 4-up Capacity

Up to 650 packages/min.

Max Film Speed

Up to 90 m/min.

90% fewer rotating components

Powered by One Motion™ Technology

Leveraging an innovative design that incorporates 90% fewer rotating components compared to conventional gear motors. This streamlined approach minimizes the risk of mechanical failures, guaranteeing an efficient operation and exceptional reliability.

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