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AES's Commitment to

Reducing Energy Consumption

Packaging equipment depends heavily on motors and drives, which account for a large part of operating costs. Electric motors consume about 70% of the energy, and energy loss occurs as it passes through rotating components, shortening equipment lifespan and creating waste. AES machinery, powered by One Motion mag-drives, achieves over 94% efficiency, significantly reducing energy waste compared to conventional gear motors.

55% energy reduction

94% efficiency per mag-drive

Reduced GHG emissions


Capability to process eco-friendly materials

High production performance

We ensure both sustainability and performance.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Traditional packaging, laden with layers of non-recyclable plastic, poses environmental challenges. Today, manufacturers can choose eco-friendly mono-material or paper alternatives.


By using fewer materials, we can reduce the amount of waste and pollution generated by the production process, while still ensuring that products are effectively protected and shipped to their destination

Mono-Material Plastics

Our easy-access fin-seal technology offers a reliable seal, even with very thin films.


Our machines are designed to package products in bioplastic films, helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and prevent plastic litter.


As your packaging partners, we navigate eco-friendly concerns expertly, ensuring both sustainability and performance.

Packaging A More Sustainable Future

Achieve your GHG initiatives with high production performance using AES's reliable and efficient equipment solutions.

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